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KATG 2861: Pear Holder w/ Daniel Shar

Living alone; social media and significant others; Mother’s Day and Mom Jeans; Facebook’s dating app; Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s odd renewal; Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon vs. Governor Andrew Cuomo; The 24-Year-Old Virgin; the most extensive penis transplant yet May 14, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Raining Gravy: Keith and Chemda are back in NYC with filmmaker Daniel Shar
  • — Me Days: Chemda explains how she lives like an animal when she’s alone
  • — Like: The gang talks about the pressure of social media and significant others
  • — Mother’s Day: Chemda asks the audience if she should call her mom for Mother’s Day while Keith puts a beautiful package together for his. Also, Mom Jeans are back.
  • — Love: Facebook announces its dating app. Social media saves Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Facebook says it will help fight the untrustworthy things it does with your information.
  • — Vote For The Homo: The gang discusses Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon calling out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to debate her. She also has a plan for black reparations as well as a new slogan.
  • — Thanks For Coming: Daniel worked in a sex shop while being a virgin. He finally had sex at age 24. He later was paid to write porn, and he worked in a porn commercial.
  • — OPP: A soldier received the most extensive penis transplant to date and got support from the family of the original penis-haver


Daniel SharDaniel Shar

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