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Julian McCullough

Comedian known for his Comedy Central special Maybe I'm a Man.
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KATG 2879: In the Spirits w/ Julian McCullough

Dealing with a break-up; getting a tattoo to save a relationship; how to break up; Kate Spade's husband; Anthony Bourdain's suicide; maintaining an addiction; the effects of the homophobic bakery court ruling; woman's tilapia vagina June 10, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Great For Podcasts: Julian McCullough is in studio to tell us what he wants to talk about and what he doesn’t want to talk about
  • — Deep Cuts: Julian was named after Miles Davis’s saxophonist Julian “Cannonball” Adderley
  • — Dear Keith And The Girl: The gang reads a touching letter from a listener who went through a terrible divorce that the show helped her through. Julian recounts being caught in the middle of a breakup between his roommates.
  • — Setting A Date: Julian is engaged to be married to the woman he co-hosts his podcast with
  • — Some Dopey Thing: Julian discusses his past relationship failures and how he got a butterfly tattoo to try and win over a girl who barely liked him
  • — It’s Not You, It’s Me: Julian gives Keith his advice on the best way to break up. Keith recently broke off one of his casual relationships.
  • — Ask Your Dad: In an effort to disguise himself from the paparazzi, Andy Spade, the husband of the late Kate Spade, left his Park Avenue apartment wearing a mouse mask
  • — No Math To Happiness: Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and author, committed suicide by hanging himself in a hotel in France
  • — Crooked But Strong: Julian discusses his struggles with addiction and how he is maintaining
  • — God’s Not Into That: In wake of the Supreme Court Ruling in favor of Jack Phillips, the homophobic baker, an East Tennessee hardware store owner decided to put up a sign banning gay people from his business
  • — Modern Miracle: Jucilene Marinho, a 23-year-old Brazilian woman who was born without a vagina, underwent an experimental procedure that gave her a new vagina using the skin of tilapia, a fish

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