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Grant Irving

Podcaster and producer of Lenny Says. Producer of the podcast series Hedonist.
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KATG 2883: Hedonist w/ Kenny DeForest and Grant Irving

Watching porn in public; sex parties; failed 3-ways and fantasies; suicide and self-worth; Atlanta dermatologist sings and dances while performing botched surgeries; German politician tired of people acknowledging the Holocaust June 14, 2018

Show Notes

  • — It’s A Man’s World: We have Kenny DeForest and Grant Irving in studio to try and explain why men watch porn in public
  • — Stick In The Mud: Grant is releasing a podcasting series called Hedonist where he covers the NYC sex party scene
  • — You Got Patriarchy’d: Chemda had a sexual fantasy about having a 3-way with 2 men, and, in the fantasy, the guys were too scared to get gay. The guests describe their failed 3-somes.
  • — Can't Be Curious and Mad: Grant’s father, who was a con artist, committed suicide 3 years ago. The gang discusses the dangers of attaching your self-worth to career successes.
  • — For The Likes: Atlanta dermatologist Dr. Windell Boutte is being sued by former patients for recording and posting videos of herself online singing and dancing while performing surgery. Over 100 women have complained about serious post-surgical complications.
  • — Rebranding: Alexander Gauland, bigoted German politician, is under public fire for his public dismissal of the Holocaust as, “Just a speck of bird shit in over 1,000 years of successful German history”

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