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KATG 2884: Time’s Up w/ John Poveromo

Winning the lottery; re-watching Avengers: Infinity War; stopping problems with laughter; Chemda's new dad and her celibacy vow; Keith's new stand-up album; Stephen Hawking's voice in space; The Landmark Forum; Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson engaged; catching cheaters; Camille Cosby reported to divorce Bill; Chris Hardwick's sexual assault June 18, 2018

Show Notes

  • — You Should Play The Lotto: A French man who regularly plays the lottery with the same numbers beat the odds and won the My Million lottery twice. Chemda discusses how she has beaten the odds... in a bad way.
  • — The Same God Made Us Both: John Poveromo is in studio to explain why he saw Avengers: Infinity War 7 times in the theater
  • — Teach The Police This: Keith recounts how he laughs at inappropriate people so that they behave
  • — Happy In-Laws Day: Chemda still speaks regularly with her in-laws, and they treat each other like family
  • — Manipulated Onto A Dick: Chemda has vowed to be completely celibate for an entire year
  • — She Was Right: Keith’s new stand-up album, entitled Drip Drip, is in its finishing stages. His ex-wife seems excited to listen.
  • — Robot In Space: A recording of the late physicist Stephen Hawking’s voice is being immortalized and shot toward a black hole in space
  • — Mass Self-Help: The gang reads a letter from a listener who had a bad experience with a relative who participated in The Landmark Forum
  • — Gaslighting: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have announced their engagement. John gives his take on relationship red flags and recounts when he caught his girlfriend cheating on him.
  • — A Symptom Of Him: Camille Cosby is reported to be preparing to divorce Bill Cosby
  • — Rose-Colored Glasses: TV host and podcaster Chris Hardwick has publicly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted and blacklisted ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra. The gang reviews Chloe’s public statement and sets the record straight on the story.


John PoveromoJohn Poveromo

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