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Lahna Turner

Musical comedian, best known for her special So ... I Wrote A Song About It
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KATG 2903: In Memory of Ralphie May w/ Lahna Turner

Keith's Dad's gift; comedian Ralphie May's widow on their relationship, their children, his death, hangers-on, and moving on July 17, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Grateful: Lahna Turner, who is celebrating her birthday while being grateful for every day, is in studio
  • — Present In The Mail: Keith’s father sent him the book The Case for Christ to try and get him back into Catholicism. The book was made into a movie that got a Rotten Tomatoes score of 52% from critics and 79% from audiences.
  • — The Life And Death Of Ralphie May: Lahna was married to, and has 2 children with, the late comedian Ralphie May. She discusses their marriage, their kids, and their hangers-on.
  • — Diagnosing Me: Lahna discusses her problems with enabling and moving on with her life. She's newly single.


Lahna TurnerLahna Turner

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