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Matthew Broussard

Comedian featured on Conan and Comedy Central.
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KATG 2937: Swim Fan w/ Matthew Broussard

Being a fan of swimming; becoming a comic; comedians navigating social media; listener cheats, lies, and wants happiness September 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Slip And Slide: We have Matthew Broussard in studio explaining how he slid into his girlfriend’s DMs as a fan of her swimming career
  • — Applied Comedy: Matthew received a degree in Applied Math and then worked in finance for a year before deciding to become a comedian
  • — The Audacity To Speak: The gang discusses the tense climate and how comedians feel attacked for making public commentary on social media
  • — Feeling Suffocated: The gang reads a letter from listener Nix888, who is seeking advice on how to be happy in a relationship where she constantly cheats and lies

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