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John Murray

Comedian and host of The Bosscast.
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KATG 2940: Good Cops w/ John Murray

KATG's Good Cop/Bad Cop Dynamic; loving Bruce Springsteen; crazy parental deaths; in vitro fertilisation; Spider-Man PS4's rainbow flag; The Predator and The Nun reviewed; sperm from your favorite celebrity; First Man American flag controversy September 18, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Read The Wiki: We have John Murray in studio, who never heard the show before. It's okay; his publicist warned him about Keith and Chemda’s Bad Cop/Good Cop Dynamic.
  • — The Bosscast: John hosts a podcast all about the beloved Bruce Springsteen
  • — Left Turn: 3 years ago, John’s mother got lost after a New Year's Eve party and froze to death in the woods by her home. John found the body. In 2001, John's father passed away in Tower 2 during the 9/11 attacks.
  • — What Are The Odds: John and his wife struggled to have children, did in vitro fertilisation, and ended up having twins, only later to be surprised soon after by a third child
  • — Inclusion: The new Spider-Man PS4 video game includes a rainbow flag in its virtual city
  • — Was He Always The Predator?: Keith gives his reviews of The Predator and The Nun after Chemda guesses at their stories
  • — Darwinism: A sperm bank in California is offering women a service where they can choose their sperm donor from men who resemble their favorite celebrities
  • — You Had Me At Moon: Dumb Americans are upset that the Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, which has not yet been released, supposedly doesn't include a scene with the planting of the American flag on the moon


John MurrayJohn Murray

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