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KATG 2970: Kentucky by Choice w/ Vicky Kuperman

100% Fresh and Adam Sandler's forced nickname; Russia's old tricks; Shaun White dressed as Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder for Halloween; listener attacks Keith for misrepresenting the great state of Kentucky; voting and infighting October 31, 2018

Show Notes

  • — The Sandman: Keith and Andrea loved Adam Sandler’s new stand-up special 100% Fresh despite Sandler trying to force a new nickname throughout it
  • — Russian Spy: We have Russian-born comedian Vicky Kuperman in studio giving her insight on the corrupt motherland
  • — Never Go Full …: Snowboarder Shaun White apologized to the Special Olympics community after dressing up for Halloween as Simple Jack, a mentally-challenged character from Tropic Thunder
  • — Nothing That I Need: Listener Yannie wrote in defending the state of Kentucky and condemning Keith for his close-mindedness
  • — Blue Wave: Vicky went door-to-door to try and push people to vote for Democratic candidates. The gang discusses Democratic infighting.

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