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Megan Koester

Comedian and author of The Indignities of Being a Woman.
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KATG 3652: Griftin’ Ain’t Easy w/ Megan Koester

Megan Koester, everyone’s favorite, joins KATG as Keith and Chemda discuss KATG Week 2023 as well as the latest in grifting, Conservatives fighting Bud Light’s transgender support with guns, and the Dalia Lama having a young boy suck on his tongue. April 17, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — Megan Koester on grifting and responsibility
  • — KATG Week 2023
  • — Bud Light vs. Conservatives
  • — The Dalia Lama had a little boy suck on his tongue


Megan KoesterMegan Koester


Keith's medicine cabinet trick
Keith's medicine cabinet trick
The Woke Bud Light Controversy
The Woke Bud Light Controversy
The Solution
The Solution
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