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KATG 2997: Toxic Shock w/ Rachel Sennott

Men/creeps; honest therapy; thirst traps; ATM mechanics; losing things in your vagina; Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen; ambulance chasers and the Catholic Church; Time's Person of the Year December 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Spreadsheets: Rachel Sennott is in studio explaining how she regularly fends off creeps while pursuing her comedy career
  • — Is That Legal?: Rachel’s therapist called her a dumb bitch because she continued to date a guy who mistreated her
  • — Internet Sad Girls: Rachel likes to post thirst traps as well as pictures of herself crying on social media
  • — Creating Cash: Rachel works as an ATM mechanic
  • — Where'd It Go?: Rachel recounts her experience losing a tampon inside of her for several days
  • — NO TV!: Like Keith, Rachel was raised in a Christian household. They compare notes on their upbringings.
  • — #Rapey: The gang discusses how men pretend to not understand what boundaries are in a post-#MeToo world
  • — Bad People On Both Sides: Stormy Daniels was ordered to pay $292,052 to President Trump to reimburse him for his attorney fees while Michael Cohen, the former lawyer for Trump, was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his role in paying off Stormy Daniels
  • — Hell No: Instead of asking if you were involved in a slip and fall, ambulance chasers now post ads asking if you were molested by a priest
  • — Getting It Right: Time magazine's Person of the Year honors murdered journalists

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