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KATG 3017: Impractical Jokers w/ Mike Finoia

Artie Lange, addicts, and family dynamics; psychedelics and anxiety; not living with your spouse; behind-the-scenes of Impractical Jokers; Super Bowl LIII and fantasy football; forgetting the Holocaust; Pete Davidson on Ariana Grande January 31, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Deep Waters: We have Mike Finoia in studio discussing his history with addicts, interviewing Artie Lange, and family dynamics
  • — Uppers And Downers: Mike discusses how uppers help him with his anxiety and ADD, and the gang discusses the benefits of psychedelics
  • — Up Close And Personal: Mike discusses life with the wife that he doesn't live with
  • — Dump In Your Ankles: Mike discusses what it’s like to write and produce Impractical Jokers, and Keith has a great trick for his Super Bowl party
  • — Wedding Crasher: Mike recounts ruining a wedding with his insane hangover dumps
  • — Dungeons And Dragons For Jocks: Keith and Mike discuss the upcoming Super Bowl LIII, Tom Brady, and fantasy football
  • — Space Tornadoes: 62% of millennials in North America don't know that 6,000,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and 52% can’t name one single concentration camp or ghetto. 1 in 20 people - of all ages - don't believe the Holocaust was real.
  • — The Long Con: While performing at an NYC comedy club, Pete Davidson called his ex-fiancée Ariana Grande a sick genius for telling people he was well-endowed because now all future women he'll be with will be disappointed. He also recounts first hearing thank u, next” while wearing a clown costume backstage on Saturday Night Live.


Mike FinoiaMike Finoia

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