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KATG 3024: For the Birds w/ Joe Pontillo

Your parents on social media; Dave Assman not allowed his name on his license plate; Joe owns 7 birds; Justin Bieber's celibacy and marriage to Hailey Baldwin; best man speeches February 12, 2019

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Show Notes

  • — Delete Your Account: We have Joe Pontillo in studio explaining his parents' social media habits
  • — Like A Thumb: Dave Assman is upset that his motor vehicle borough won't allow him to personalize his last name on a license plate
  • — Watch List: Joe discusses his Valentine's Day plans, his relationship with his wife, and his 7 birds
  • — I’m a Belieber: In an interview with Vogue, Justin Bieber said that he went a year without having sex before his marriage to Hailey Baldwin to strengthen his relationship with God, and that, as a reward, God gave him Hailey to marry and have sex with
  • — Give Him The Light: Joe discusses his wedding and how guys almost always ruin best man speeches
  • — She’s Italian: Joe’s in-laws live close by and drop by his apartment often


Joe PontilloJoe Pontillo


Joe Pontillo
Joe Pontillo
Dave Assman
Dave Assman
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber
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