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City Planner, Lori's husband, and a silly goose that has hope for this world.
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KATG 866: Watch Your Kids

I just finished. Gotcha! December 16, 2008

Show Notes

  • — Babysitting: These tings are chick magnets
  • — Twitter inside my dick-hole
  • — How do I explain I punched your baby?
  • — Sean Avery just wants to be a dick
  • — To Catch a Predator: Dear Santa Claus
  • — Ass-tapping, what's your defense?
  • — Pedophiles and Debtors Prison
  • — Small Town Minds: You have a colorful group of friends
  • — John Walsh finds his son's murderer
  • — The news is funny
  • — Watching your babysitter
  • — Holocaust enthusiast or denier?: I named my son Adolf, so?!
  • — Throwing a 60-year-old
  • — Getting high off of AIDS medicine
  • — I know I robbed your house, but a ghost won't let me leave

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