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Carole Montgomery

Comedian and creator of Funny Women of a Certain Age.
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KATG 3032: Leaving Neverland w/ Carole Montgomery

Our troops and civilian war games; living with your family; how to be a safe sex worker; micropenises and marriage; the Vatican's treasurer convicted on 5 counts of child sexual assault; Michael Jackson's child sexual abuse timeline and new allegations March 3, 2019

Show Notes

  • — Girl Power: We have Carole Montgomery in studio discussing her stand-up career, her experience performing overseas for our troops, and her new Showtime series celebrating older women
  • — A Jewish Mother: Carole and her husband share an apartment with her mother-in-law. Her 27-year-old son just recently moved out of the house.
  • — Gotta Catch 'Em All: Carole’s husband plays video games in bed to Carole's chagrin. Keith shares what war games have taught him.
  • — The Oldest Profession: The gang weighs the pros and cons of being a prostitute, and Keith's friend is considering being a sex worker that only attracts decent, sweet, non-violent men
  • — Microaggression: A 27-year-old woman found out her husband had a micropenis only after they got married. She posted about it on Reddit, and now the 32-year-old husband is threatening to sue.
  • — I Hope Hell Is Real: George Pell, the Vatican treasurer and the third most senior Catholic in the world, was convicted on 5 charges of sexually assaulting a child
  • — Jesus Juice: The gang reviews a detailed timeline of Michael Jackson’s sexual abuse of children, including new details from the new documentary Leaving Neverland, the eye-witness account of a maid that worked at Neverland Ranch, and 11 new people that also claim sexual abuse

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