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Hang Out with Me

Hang Out with Me
In which you (human listener) get to (but don't have to) hang out with (that is to say, listen to) comedian Myq Kaplan (pronounced "Mike Kaplan," I know! I agree with the way you feel about it!) as he hangs out with (that is to say, talks to) other humans in ways that are meaningful, fun, both, or neither. (But probably not neither.)

77: Don't Talk To Police

Myq hangs out with Jessica Delfino and Jermaine Fowler on the KATG Network July 15, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Double Thanked: Myq welcomes his guests Jermaine Fowler and Jessica Delfino to the studio
  • — Comics Leashed: The gang talks about the aloof way some television hosts (like Byron Allen and David Letterman) interview comedians
  • — The Cops!: Myq talks about getting had by street hustlers and their card games
  • — Fighting Like Cats And Cats: Jermaine's cats are vicious little fighting machines who hate each other
  • — Stop, Sir!: Jessica busted a guy taking a picture of someone's skirt, and gave chase (while also being very respectful and proper)
  • — Horny Toons: Wile E. Coyote never had a Mrs. Coyote and PepĂ© Le Pew fell for a cat instead of a skunk because he was stupid (or dreamed big)
  • — Never Talk To Cops: Myq talks about a video of a law school lecture he saw, in which a law professor implored his students to never ever talk to police
  • — Valuable Chat Time: Jessica moved to New York to perform stand-up comedy and comedy songs, the latter of which she refuses to play on the show
  • — Know Your Audience: Myq sometimes performs comedy at vegetarian/vegan events
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