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Jermaine Fowler

Comedian and actor known for his roles on MTV's Guy Code and Orange Is the New Black.
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Hang 77: Don't Talk To Police

Myq hangs out with Jessica Delfino and Jermaine Fowler on the KATG Network July 15, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Double Thanked: Myq welcomes his guests Jermaine Fowler and Jessica Delfino to the studio
  • — Comics Leashed: The gang talks about the aloof way some television hosts (like Byron Allen and David Letterman) interview comedians
  • — The Cops!: Myq talks about getting had by street hustlers and their card games
  • — Fighting Like Cats And Cats: Jermaine's cats are vicious little fighting machines who hate each other
  • — Stop, Sir!: Jessica busted a guy taking a picture of someone's skirt, and gave chase (while also being very respectful and proper)
  • — Horny Toons: Wile E. Coyote never had a Mrs. Coyote and PepĂ© Le Pew fell for a cat instead of a skunk because he was stupid (or dreamed big)
  • — Never Talk To Cops: Myq talks about a video of a law school lecture he saw, in which a law professor implored his students to never ever talk to police
  • — Valuable Chat Time: Jessica moved to New York to perform stand-up comedy and comedy songs, the latter of which she refuses to play on the show
  • — Know Your Audience: Myq sometimes performs comedy at vegetarian/vegan events
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