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2168: Progressive

with Katharine Heller and Sally Tamarkin – Working out and washing your hair; what to say during a break-up; anxieties and panic attacks; Bruce Jenner’s transgender special; Iceman is gay; Sandra Bullock is the World’s Most Beautiful Woman; Dave Chappelle’s drunk set April 27, 2015

Show Notes

  • — The Struggle Is Real: Katharine Heller and her Struggle Bus co-host Sally Tamarkin are in studio
  • — Head Case: Sally is the fitness editor for Buzzfeed and works out 6 times a week despite the debilitating migraines she only gets from exercise
  • — It: Sally was an organizer for transgender rights
  • — Friend Of Girls: Inspired by Sally’s struggle as a gay women, Keith suggests a movement to end the practice of girls calling their friends ‘girlfriend.’ Sally and her girlfriend just moved in together after a year and she’s constantly nervous about messing it up.
  • — I'm More Angry Than Panicky: Compared to the room full of head cases he's in, Keith doesn't seem very emotional, yet he insists he still gets nervous and sad like everyone else
  • — This Is Your Poet Speaking: Sally's anxieties can be traced back to Hebrew school, while Katharine's is because her dad left her. Chemda would fight their fear of flying with poetry.
  • — Struggle Buddies: Katharine and Sally talk about the first day they met and how it led to the formation of their podcast
  • — Trans-trender: Bruce Jenner's transgender journey, including his status as a Republican and ex-Kardashian, why he quit the Olympics, and his family members' reactions, are discussed
  • — Freeze: The X-Men’s Iceman is homosexual
  • — MILF: Sandra Bullock was named People Magazine's World’s Most Beautiful Woman, a 'silly' honor she chalks up to being a nice person and a good mother
  • — Half Baked: The second of Dave Chappelle’s 2 shows in Detroit was reportedly a rambling, drunken night with few jokes that started an hour late.

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