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2314: 2016 47-Hour Marathon: The Beginning

with Nick Turner, Mara Wilson, and B. Jason Ouellette – Past vs. present KATG marathons; Hugsy Malone and Nick’s new dog; dating reality shows; Keith and Nick bet on the Super Bowl; Patriots fan gets premature Super Bowl tattoo; diets and cheat days; American Pie singer assaults his wife; city councilman elected while behind bars; Mara’s sexy new Facebook profile pic; Mara’s new memoir; Nick runs into Keith’s father February 2, 2016

Show Notes

  • — I Don’t Know What To Say: The 2016 47-Hour Marathon begins
  • — Open Door Policy: Keith and Chemda discuss the differences between past marathons and today
  • — Stereo Poppers: Sound engineer B. Jason Ouellette takes the mic to discuss his marathon plans, and how they were revised after last year
  • — The Queen Of Prom: First guest Nick Turner joins the show to talk about his new 28-year-old dog and canine brushing etiquette
  • — That Should Be Illegal: The gang discusses dating reality shows
  • — The Spread: Nick and Keith work out their Super Bowl bets and bet on a coin toss in studio
  • — Deflated Hopes: A New England Patriots fan got a tattoo commemorating the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl 50 win before the New England Patriots were eliminated from the Super Bowl playoffs
  • — My Cheat Day Is Tomorrow: Nick discusses his diet, which has led to him losing 30 pounds
  • — Speaking Of Food: American Pie singer and anti-Semite Don McLean was arrested for assaulting his wife
  • — 4 More Years: A man was sworn into his town's city council from behind bars
  • — This Is A First: Mara Wilson, who is healthy this time, joins the show
  • — You Know What You’re Doing: Keith asks Mara about her new Facebook profile picture
  • — I Was An Ugly Baby: Mara discusses the process of going through old pictures for her book
  • — The Butterfly Effect: Nick talks about an awkward encounter he had at a donut shop with someone who might have been Keith’s dad

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