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Nick Turner

Comedian known for his appearances on VH1's Best Week Ever, and for creating and starring in Comedy Central's Crazy House.
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KATG 2610: Yelling

with Nick Turner — National Siblings Day; Nick vs. Crunch Fitness; public masturbation; the new generation of comedy; the public abuse of United Airlines; Chuck Berry buried; Casino ripoff April 11, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — National Cousins Day: Chemda posted praise to her brothers on Facebook for National Siblings Day. The post brought out an upset cousin of Chemda’s that doesn’t understand why he wasn’t praised as well.
  • — Whose Baby Is This?: Nick received a group text that included his family and strangers that had a newborn baby linked to it. Nick explains his clever detective work to deduce who the new parents were.
  • — Be Your Better Self: Nick loses his shit at Crunch Fitness when staff refuses to clean shit off the bathroom wall.
  • — Jerk Back: Nick saw a homeless man masturbating on the train. The gang discusses how they deal with public masturbation.
  • — How About We Just Do Stand Up: Nick talks about the gag shows that he has participated in
  • — United We Stand: United Airlines forcefully assaulted and removed a passenger from a flight after they overbooked, including bloodying his face and dragging him off the plane unconsciously. Phone video was shown to the public, and still United was unapologetic, saying their actions were protocol.
  • — Rest In Piss: Chuck Berry, who was convicted of bathroom-videotaping well over 50 women without their consent in bathrooms, was laid to rest. Musicians worldwide conveniently ignored this and his love of moving underaged women across state lines for sex
  • — You Still Mad?: Marina Navarro pressed a slot machine’s button for ‘luck’ for a friend. When the slot paid out $100,000, she kept the money per casino rules.


Nick TurnerNick Turner

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