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2597: Raising Arizona

with Myka Fox and Richie Tolway – Huffing glue and puffing meth; Arizona; witnessing sexual assault as a child; the police and your rights; Chuck Berry, sexual deviant; Tom Brady’s missing jersey recovered; the holodeck March 24, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Do You Want To Marry Him?: Myka Fox and her boyfriend Richie Tolway, who have been dating for over a year, are in studio
  • — The Anarchist Cookbook: Richie used to huff glue and smoke meth when he was a mixed-up teenager
  • — The Worst Place: Myka and Richie talk about growing up in Arizona
  • — Superhero: Richie witnessed a sexual assault at 12 years old
  • — Cop Block: The gang discusses Chemda’s arrest and how Myka gives attitude to police officers
  • — Johnny Pee Good: Chuck Berry died and left behind a pretty graphic criminal history, including sleeping with underage girls and taping women using the bathroom without their knowledge
  • — Is It Safe Now?: Roman Polanski wants back into the United States, and his lawyer is seeing what his punishment for returning would be
  • — Build That Wall: The FBI found Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey in Mexico City
  • — Arrested For Talking About Star Trek: Chemda brings up deep philosophical questions about the holodeck and how people would use it

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