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2619: In Da Butt

with Frank Liotti – Weight loss and sex; dead friends and immediate relatives; mental health and medication; how cultures talk about wealth; homosexual humor; Unforgettable reviewed; Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score; JENNIFER GARNER CAUGHT DRINKING COFFEE; Nazi concentration camp guard living in Queens, NY April 27, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Like An Animal: Frank Liotti, who lost 30 pounds and feels sex is replacing food, is in studio
  • — They Shot Each Other In The Face: Frank’s parents, sister, and closest friend died within 5 years
  • — Happy Pills: Frank discusses his mental health and medication
  • — Nouveau Riche: The gang talks about how different cultures show off their wealth
  • — Nobody Got To You: Frank, a homosexual, has never had a penis inside his ass
  • — It’s Funny Because They’re Doing Gay Stuff: The gang talks about how modern television and movies have scenes where people being ‘accidentally gay’ is the punchline
  • — Forgettable: Keith reviews Unforgettable, and Frank dishes on the movie’s stars Rosario Dawson and Katherine Heigl
  • — Independent Movie Reviewers: The group discusses people that give a grade on Rotten Tomatoes recreationally.
  • — Extra! Extra!: The newspapers published a picture of Jennifer Garner drinking coffee when she just wanted to be left alone. Gotcha, bitch!
  • — New York Nazi: Yeshiva students staged a protest outside the home of 92-year-old Jakiw Palij, the last living Nazi concentration camp guard still living in the United States
  • — Baby Butt: Hennessy was interviewed by SheKnows and CNN regarding transgender information


Frank LiottiFrank Liotti

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