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Frank Liotti

Comedian and actor best known for his appearances on Gotham and Blue Bloods. Cohost of the podcast Fat Pig with Jessica Kirson.
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KATG 2956: Katt Williams and Suge Knight w/ Frank Liotti

Fahrenheit 11/9; fighting your boss; LGBTQIA+'s history; Katt Williams and Suge Knight's rap sheets; Uber driver called to drive his wife and her other lover to a hotel; animal abuse; being forced to fight October 12, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Like A Virgin: Frank walked out of the movie Fahrenheit 11/9 during the scene about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan because the corruption overwhelmed him and made him feel powerless
  • — Mixologist: Frank got suspended at the bar he works part-time for getting in an argument with a manager
  • — Gripes: Frank is frustrated that the younger generation of people in the LGBTQIA+ community do not pay tribute to the struggle that the older generation had to deal with
  • — I’ll Represent Myself: The gang reviews the lengthy criminal histories of Katt Williams and Suge Knight
  • — Red Handed: A Colombian Uber driver caught his wife having an affair when she unwittingly hired him to drive her and her lover to a hotel
  • — Hand That Feeds: A Florida man, Patrick Shurod Campbell, admitted to biting down on his dogs ear to “establish dominance” and was sentenced to 4 years probation. The gang discusses people who abuse animals yet may still own them, such as quarterback Michael Vick.
  • — Fight Or Flight: Keith and Frank recount the times they have gotten mugged and had to physically fight


Frank LiottiFrank Liotti

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