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2629: Games People Play

with J.P. McDade – Roast battles; Blue Apron co-founder assaulted by police; Gamers: hand and wrist deformities, racism, and unions; elementary school child Nazis; Internet café stabbing over games; airman caught selling stolen night vision goggles; subway gropers’ pictures in the paper; drunk driving cop kills 2 cops; woman swallows $7,000; the effects of smartphones and tablets on babies May 11, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Queen Of Mean: J.P. McDade, known for his roast battle takedowns, is in studio
  • — Blue On Blue Crime: Matthew Wadiak, the co-founder of Blue Apron, was assaulted by police officers and is pursuing legal actions for wrongful arrest
  • — Gamer: Professional e-gamers are mangling their hands and wrists on the same level as MMA fighters, and the gang discusses gamer racism and the need for gaming unions.
  • — Bring A Nazi To School Day: In Tennessee, 2 elementary school kids dressed up as Nazis, and the picture appeared in the yearbook
  • — It’s His Turf: A homeless man killed a teenager after being assaulted by a group of his friends over a spot for a computer at an internet café
  • — They Can’t See Me: Senior Airman Zachary Sizemore has been charged for selling 38 pieces of military equipment, mainly night vision goggles, through eBay
  • — Don’t Grope Me Before My Morning Coffee: Keith loves it when subway gropers are photographed and put in the papers
  • — Wrong Side Of The Expressway: Former New Jersey police officer Pedro Abad has been found guilty in a drunk driving crash that killed two of his passengers and fellow cops
  • — For Here Or To Go?: A woman swallowed $7,000 dollars in an attempt to hide the cash from her husband
  • — A Book Of IPads: Studies show that letting babies play with smartphones or tablet devices will most likely delay their speech development


J.P. McDadeJ.P. McDade

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