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2640: K-hole

with Julia Solomon – Job skills; Trump’s world tour; Georgia sheriff punishes himself for indecent exposure (kind of); Flint City Councilman pawns his computer; a listener calls in to warn Keith about Vicodin; Baywatch and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword reviewed; Wonder Woman women’s only screenings; Valerie Smith: Hampton’s white resident, politician wannabe, and n-word supporter; Bill Cosby upset black comic celebrities aren’t supporting him May 29, 2017

Show Notes

  • — You’re Complete Now: Julia Solomon, passionate about skin care, is in studio
  • — Consolidating Roles: Julia was recently let go at her job. Keith goes through her talents.
  • — Bait And Switch: At a NATO gathering, Trump shoved Dusko Markovic, the leader of Montenegro, out of the way for a picture
  • — A Misunderstanding: Georgia sheriff Jeffrey Mann, charged with indecency after an Atlanta police officer saw him exposing himself in a city park, claims it was just a misunderstanding; however, he’ll still punish himself for a week
  • — Every Rule And Every Nook And Cranny: Flint City Councilman Eric Mays pawned his city laptop computer to a local shop. He pretended to be surprised that it was a big deal.
  • — Papa Do Preach: Trump visited the Pope and creeped out Vatican City with his smugness
  • — Kiki Calls In: A long-time listener calls in to voice his concerns over Keith taking Vicodin for his pain management. The listener’s story goes down a few avenues.
  • — The 38th Street Theater: Keith reviews Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Baywatch, Alien: Covenant, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  • — Yes All Wonder Women: The Alamo Drafthouse is under fire after announcing that it would host women-only screenings of the new Wonder Woman movie
  • — Eddie Murphy Does It: Hampton’s resident and political candidate Valerie Smith called the police to complain that there were n-words drinking Hennessey outside her home
  • — Bros Before Hoes: Bill Cosby is upset that other black stars such as Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock are not defending him publicly after the rape allegations


Julia SolomonJulia Solomon

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