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2644: Covfefe

with Hennessy and Hann Cowger – Keith’s album AWAKE now on iTunes; Chemda’s new nephew; Mr. Met flips the bird; America and the Paris Accord; Kathy Griffin and Trump’s severed head; Wonder Woman reviewed; Bill Mahar says the n-word on Real Time; Tiger Woods’s DUI details; Gwyneth Paltrow explains why life is harder for attractive people June 4, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Keith's album, AWAKE, is now available on iTunes for presale
  • — The Newest Khalili: Marisela gave birth to the newest addition to the Khalili family
  • — Your Mom’s A Football: The Mets mascot, Mr. Met, gave fans the middle finger after they were harassing him about his mother
  • — A Big Dumb Head: Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris climate agreement saying ‘he cares about Pittsburgh, not Paris’
  • — Word Of The Day: Donald Trump’s Twitter spelling error went viral worldwide
  • — Too Far?: Kathy Griffin apologized for the image she released of her holding a fake bloodied severed head meant to represent Donald Trump
  • — Ivanka The Ally: Ivanka wished the LGBTQ community a happy pride month
  • — All Synched Up: Keith reviews the new Wonder Woman movie
  • — House Bleep: Bill Maher says the N-word on Real Time
  • — Two Benadryls Equals One Vicodin: Tiger Woods was arrested for a DUI after failing a sobriety test. He blames prescription medications.
  • — Guacamole Is Extra: Gwyneth Paltrow made unlikable comments about how hard it is to be a beautiful and successful woman

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