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Icelandic Academy Award nominated actor, host of the podcast Bottoms Up with Hennessy, and Chemda's fiancé.
Hennessy has been on 106 shows

KATG 2531: Hennessy Household Hijinks

with Hennessy – Being Chemda’s caretaker; Hennessy’s transition, his mental wellbeing, and his plans on being a drag queen; Chemda’s meltdown; Chemda sees Cyndi Lauper; Mele Kalikimaka December 9, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Without Breath: Chemda’s husband Hennessy is in studio
  • — You Had To Clean My Literal Poop: Hennessy discusses the details of his sometimes messy role as Chemda’s tumor recovery caretaker, including diaper duty, dealing with Chemda’s brothers, and keeping everyone’s spirits up
  • — Hennessy Sings: Hennessy’s transition was slightly delayed by Chemda’s illness, but he’s on track to continue it next year. He takes Zoloft and Wellbutrin for anxiety, even though they make him remember his dreams and nightmares. Hennessy announces his intentions to appear on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • — It Was Ridiculous: Towards the end of Chemda's recovery, Hennessy took a day to get caught up on his own affairs, which led to Chemda having a meltdown
  • — Make-A-Wish: Chemda saw Cyndi Lauper for her birthday
  • — Christmas Classics by the Girl is yours to own for whatever price you want



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