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2656: Jesus Is My Homo

with Matteo Lane – The Barefoot Contessa, Liza Minnelli, Katy Perry, Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium), and Rachael Ray; Wendy Williams vs. Whitney Houston; The Swan; Casey Jones’s final update; The Mummy; Jesus Christ’s gay tendencies; what to expect during your transition June 20, 2017

Show Notes

  • — He Had The Receipts: Matteo Lane, who adores the Barefoot Contessa video that a listener put together, is in studio
  • — Congrats On Pride Month: Matteo talks about how he celebrated Pride Month
  • — Liza With A Z: Matteo delights with his Liza Minnelli impression
  • — Bringing Herself To Tears: Matteo gives his take on the Katy Perry live stream stunt
  • — Matteo And His Ladies: Matteo discusses the various ridiculous female celebrities he follows, including Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium) and Lindsay Lohan
  • — Chemda’s Favorite: Matteo roasts Rachael Ray and her cooking show
  • — Throwback: The gang listens to a recording of Wendy Williams interviewing a very sassy Whitney Houston
  • — The Swan: Matteo explains the since cancelled TV show The Swan
  • — Human And Dog Health Updates: Keith updates the listeners on Casey Jones’s recovery
  • — A Scene Has Been Made: Keith plays a tape of a drugged out weirdo he encountered in the vet waiting room
  • — Two Pupils In One Eye: Matteo thinks Keith should have known The Mummy was going to be terrible
  • — Jesus Was Gay: Matteo explains his theories on Jesus Christ’s sexuality
  • — The Testosterone Files: Hennessy is transitioning, and Chemda explains how people are changing their behavior around him now that he is perceived as male


Matteo LaneMatteo Lane

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