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2665: Body Talk

with Alyssa Limperis – Your family and cursing; nudity and your weight; how to be a good parent; farting and loved ones July 5, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Lights Up A Room: Alyssa Limperis, who is a ray of human sunshine, is in studio
  • — Shut The Fuck Up: Alyssa’s mother has just started to curse. The gang talks about their families’ policies on dirty words.
  • — That’s Fucking True: Alyssa’s mom was in the audience during her show about her father’s death
  • — Photo Videos: Alyssa did a body positivity photoshoot in her underwear
  • — Shave Off All The Bone: Alyssa, Chemda, and Keith give a listener advice on obsessing over food and your weight
  • — Do I Have To Fuck Your Best Friend?: Alyssa, Chemda, and Keith give a listener advice on how to have a conversation with her boyfriend about taking better care of their dog. And future child.
  • — If I Was The Skinniest: Alyssa talks about her feelings on doing the Naked Show
  • — Passing Through Sewage: The gang talks about farting in front of their romantic partners

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