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2676: Bro Code

with Jared Freid – Bro culture; how to work dating apps; how your exes would describe you; why to marry Jewish; circumcision; birthdays; listener relationship questions July 20, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Just A Bro Being A Bro: Jared Freid, who seemed like a douche on paper but is really a nice guy, is in studio
  • — Take Hard Rights: Jared explains the different dating apps and how to work them correctly
  • — Take Your Own Advice: Jared is single and reflects on what his ex-girlfriends would say about him as a partner
  • — Tomatoes and Eggs: Jared explains why he wants to marry a Jewish woman
  • — Matching Dicks WIth My Son: Jared wants his get his kid circumcised. The gang talks about male vs. female genitalia maintenance.
  • — My New Friend With His Finger Up My Ass: Jared and Chemda talk about their assholes and poop-related doctor experiences
  • — A Dick Move: A listener writes in complaining about a track on Keith’s album AWAKE that condemns uncircumcised penises
  • — HBD: The gang talks about pretending to give a fuck about acquaintances’ birthdays
  • — What Do We Do Now?: Keith and Chemda discuss their relationship book and their own personal relationships. The gang answers various relationship questions from the listeners.


Jared FreidJared Freid

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