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2681: The Great Divide

with Norlex Belma and Andrea Allan – Ambush comedy shows; Keith’s wallet saga; school tattletales; all-boys and girls schools; your sexual renaissance; male vs. female bullying; how to be a musical prodigy; ethnicity and names July 27, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Brooklyn: Norlex Belma, who was born and raised in NYC, is in studio
  • — Guerilla Comedy: The gang discusses ambush comedy shows
  • — Can I Speak To The Manager: The saga of Keith’s missing wallet comes to a close
  • — Jason Martz: Keith talks about getting ratted out for playing high school pranks
  • — Hustling Is Just A Spirit: Norlex went to an all-boys private school in Brooklyn
  • — Resident All-Girls School Expert: Andrea Allan, who went to an all-girls school, chimes in with her perspective
  • — Lose Your K-Card: Andrea discusses her sexual renaissance when she moved to NYC for college
  • — Get Inside Your Brain: The gang discusses male vs. female bullying and manipulation
  • — Do You Miss It?: Norlex was a musical prodigy
  • — Who?: Norlex explains the ways in which people ask him about his ethnicity and his name

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