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2681: The Great Divide

with Norlex Belma and Andrea Allan – Ambush comedy shows; Keith’s wallet saga; school tattletales; all-boys and girls schools; your sexual renaissance; male vs. female bullying; how to be a musical prodigy; ethnicity and names July 27, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Brooklyn: Norlex Belma, who was born and raised in NYC, is in studio
  • — Guerilla Comedy: The gang discusses ambush comedy shows
  • — Can I Speak To The Manager: The saga of Keith’s missing wallet comes to a close
  • — Jason Martz: Keith talks about getting ratted out for playing high school pranks
  • — Hustling Is Just A Spirit: Norlex went to an all-boys private school in Brooklyn
  • — Resident All-Girls School Expert: Andrea Allan, who went to an all-girls school, chimes in with her perspective
  • — Lose Your K-Card: Andrea discusses her sexual renaissance when she moved to NYC for college
  • — Get Inside Your Brain: The gang discusses male vs. female bullying and manipulation
  • — Do You Miss It?: Norlex was a musical prodigy
  • — Who?: Norlex explains the ways in which people ask him about his ethnicity and his name


Norlex Belma
Norlex Belma
Norlex at the ambush comedy show at Snowdonia
Norlex at the ambush comedy show at Snowdonia
Andrea at boarding school
Andrea at boarding school
Norlex's show
Norlex's show
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