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2698: Crashing

with Dan LaMorte – Drug dealing, booze drinking, bipolar disorders, and brain traumas; the total solar eclipse; drugs and Tiger Woods’s system; Neo-Nazis; Rage Against the Machine predicted a Trump presidency; stand-up at gunpoint; camp counselor violence August 21, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Alcohol Poisoning A Few Times: Dan LaMorte, who was sober for 5 months but is off the wagon, is in studio
  • — A Lawyer For Christmas: Dan once tried to sell drugs and was arrested immediately
  • — Off Meds: Dan was institutionalized after his arrest and diagnosed with a bipolar disorder
  • — First Adult Relationship: Dan recently got out of a break-up
  • — Something In Front Of Something: The total solar eclipse, which hasn’t happened in almost 100 years, is happening. Keith can give a shit.
  • — You Made It In A Cellar: Dan’s family is very supportive of his comedy career
  • — All The Drugs: When Tiger Woods was recently arrested in his car, they found Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Xanax, Ambien, and THC in his system
  • — Picking Up A Coolatta: Dan has been in 2 car crashes recently. One was the other driver’s fault because they were drunk, and the other was Dan’s fault because he was bending over to pick up a Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts and not looking at the road. He has a traumatic brain injury from the Coolatta accident.
  • — I’m Not What I Look Like: Dan is a liberal but is often misunderstood because he looks like a conservative white guy
  • — It’s Not Neo-Nazi, It’s Nazi: Keith doesn’t like it when people call racists Neo-Nazis as opposed to the term Nazis
  • — Sleep Now in the Fire: Rage Against the Machine predicted and mocked Donald Trump’s presidential campaign over 15 years ago
  • — Comedy At Gunpoint: Dan recounts his harrowing experiences performing comedy in NYC
  • — I Black It Out: Dan was beat up by a camp counselor with a tennis racket as punishment for bullying


Dan LaMorteDan LaMorte


Dan LaMorte
Dan LaMorte

Tiger on all the drugs
Tiger on all the drugs
Don't drink and drive
Don't drink and drive
Rage Against the Machine knew
Rage Against the Machine knew
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