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2713: Keep Coming

with Hennessy – Hennessy’s slavery-inspired birthday; relationship boundaries; the ins and outs of AA; Phantom Phallus Syndrome and testosterone shots; woman makes 15 false rape claims in 3 years; dinged vehicle update; sex on a golf course September 13, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Happy Birthday: Hennessy, whose birthday we are celebrating in studio, is here to party!
  • — Feeling Out The Room: Hennessy talks about his struggle understanding personal boundaries and what he does to actively work on improving
  • — Have A Milkshake On Me: Hennessy attends an AA meeting that is filled with blue collar guys. Keith asks one of the blue collar gentleman questions about AA and sobriety.
  • — Phantom Phallus Syndrome: Hennessy explains how he feels the sensation of having a penis and talks in general about feeling uncomfortable in his body and how that manifests in his personality
  • — Faint Of Heart: Hennessy gives an update on his weekly testosterone shots
  • — Reverse Cosby: British woman Jemma Beale, who made up bogus rape and sex assault claims against 15 men in 3 years, has been jailed for 10 years
  • — Technically It’s $700: Hennessy gives an update on the dinged vehicle incident and talks about how he struggles with being accountable and honest
  • — Narcs Ruin Everything: South Carolina couple Dakota Payne and Kiernan Hennessey were busted on a golf course for having sex near the 8th hole



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