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2725: Two Llamas, a Grill and Keith's Place

with Bianca Brady – Sobriety and dreams; how to record your iPhone screen; how to get your dog to eat; Let’s Make a Deal’s Monty Hall died; Playboy’s Hugh Hefner died; Bianca’s Fitless podcast; Home Depot shopping October 1, 2017

Show Notes

  • — All The Chips: Keith gives an update on his sobriety and shares a dream where he felt drunk
  • — Dreaming Drunk: Keith had a dream that he was drunk and still working as a waiter. Chemda does a dream analysis and Keith recounts his experiences at old restaurant jobs.
  • — Your Red Dot Is Yelling At You: Keith teaches us how to record your iPhone’s screen with iOS 11
  • — Passive Aggressive Dog Maintenance: Keith gives advice on how to get your finicky dog to eat their food
  • — How’d He Die?!: Let's Make a Deal host Monty Hall died at age 96, and Keith and Chemda discuss the odd behavior of game show hosts
  • — RIP Sandpaper Penis: Hugh Hefner passed away at age 91. Was he a forward-thinker or a creepy pervert?
  • — Fitless: KATG intern Bianca Brady comes on mic to talk about her podcast and learning Capoeira with Andrea Allan
  • — Team Lowe's: Keith and Chemda purchased the same grill recently, and they recount their Home Depot experiences


Bianca BradyBianca Brady

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