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2730: Crazy

with Mehran Khaghani, Andrea Allan, Paul Hooper, and Christian Finnegan – Mehran’s Ambien-induced busted face; Paul’s break-up and dick pic; Andrea frees Paul’s body; Christian witnesses the afternoon of Keith’s last day of drinking; Christian’s vocal surgery and dead mother October 9, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Gang’s All Here: Thanks to Stephanie Ellis, we are doing an amazing Kickstarter-sponsored episode with Mehran Khaghani, Andrea Allan, Paul Hooper, and Christian Finnegan
  • — Break The Fall With Your Face: Mehran fell 7 feet off of his loft bed and landed on his face. He recounts the incident and the reconstructive surgery.
  • — His Penis Is Back Online: Paul recently had a break-up, and listener in feedback begs for the return of his dick pic to the KATG website. Andrea explains the non-prodding Paul’s dick pic took in the first place.
  • — The Dick Pic Whisperer: Andrea was the one to prod Paul into showing them his world-famous dick pics
  • — This Isn’t Gatorade: Christian saw Keith the afternoon of the last day of Keith’s drinking. That day wasn’t going to end pretty.
  • — It Was A Bad Summer: Christian had nodes removed from his vocal chords. While he was recovering in silence, his mother went missing and subsequently passed away. Christian received her ashes and cleaned out the storage units filled with the things she’s hoarded.

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