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2746: Cupcakes and War

with Matteo Lane – Matteo vs. Mariah Carey; Matteo’s pictures used to catfish ladies; Liza Minelli, Shark Tank’s Barbara Ann Corcoran, and American vs. British cooking shows; Matteo’s Italian hook-up; racial ambiguity; sex dolls that orgasm based on respect; sex with a porn star; Hollywood pitches October 31, 2017

Show Notes

  • — He’s Back, Baby: Matteo Lane, everybody's favorite songbird, is in studio
  • — Roasting The Queen: Matteo made tongue and cheek commentary about Mariah Carey on Page Six TV and got major pushback from Mariah fanatics
  • — Gone Fishin’: Somebody stole Matteo’s pictures off of social media and used them to make a fake heterosexual Tinder profile
  • — True Love: Matteo graces Keith and Chemda with his impressions of Liza Minelli and Shark Tank’s Barbara Ann Corcoran
  • — Love And Cupcakes: Matteo explains the difference between American and British cooking shows
  • — Mi Amore: Matteo recounts his experience hooking up with a closeted gay man that he met on Grindr while visiting Italy
  • — Off-White: Chemda and Matteo discuss being racially ambiguous
  • — Do The Dishes: Synthea Amatus added a feature to their sex dolls that allow for the dolls to only orgasm when they’re treated with respect
  • — Can I Tell A Story?: Matteo recounts his experience hooking up with a porn star and getting a nosebleed that ended the evening
  • — Too High Concept: Matteo is trying to pitch an all-female animated series, and network executives are shying away from it because there are too many female characters


Matteo LaneMatteo Lane

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