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2767: Pass/Fail

with Hennessy — Hennessy’s transition update; Chemda’s birthday; Pixar removes Olaf from Coco; Superman’s CGI’d mustache and Armie Hammer’s CGI’d testicles; The Room, The Disaster Artist, and Tommy Wiseau; Kevin Spacey replaced by Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World in time; Gomer Pyle’s Jim Nabors died December 3, 2017

Show Notes

  • — Chemda And The Boys: We have Keith, Chemda, and BabyButt in studio
  • — Straight White Male: Hennessy gives updates on his transition and tells stories of how men and women are treating him differently in major ways
  • — A Planner And A Head Rub: Hennessy describes Chemda’s birthday festivities
  • — She Can Freeze Items?: Pixar is removing the horrible short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure from playing before their film Coco due to complaints of boredom
  • — Do It In Post: Actor Henry Cavill had to reshoot scenes of Justice League with his moustache CGI’d off. Actor Armie Hammer’s testicles hung out of his short shorts during the filming of Call Me by Your Name so they were CGI’d out of the movie.
  • — The Disaster Artist: Keith loves what he’s seen of The Room, the 2003 cult classic known as the worst movie ever made. The gang discusses if it’s cruel to celebrate its creator Tommy Wiseau and other beloved and completely untalented people.
  • — Written Out Of History: Director Ridley Scott reshot all of Kevin Spacey’s scenes in the movie All the Money in the World with actor Christopher Plummer in less than one month
  • — A Voice Like Adele: Jim Nabors, the comic actor and shockingly talented singer who played Gomer Pyle, died at age 87



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