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2829: Lying Dicks w/ Ashley Gavin

Miami's collapsed footbridge; Keith puts a searing fork in his mouth; the U.S. Army's St. Patrick's Day tweet; National Walkout Day; teacher fires gun in class; mom who married her son then her daughter sentenced to 2 years in prison; online dating; Keith's poker night/date; sex clubs March 18, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Foot Traffic: A footbridge in Miami collapsed onto a highway immediately after being opened to the public
  • — Fork Off: Keith put a searing hot fork into his mouth, creating hideous zebra blisters
  • — Go Army: The U.S. Army put out, and kept up, an obnoxious wartime St. Patrick’s Day video on Twitter
  • — Walkout: Tens of thousands of American students – nearly 3,000 schools – walked out of class on Wednesday to promote gun control. Meanwhile, a custodian in South Carolina rummaged through students’ book bags to steal $180 during a walkout.
  • — Bang: A teacher in northern California apologizes for accidentally shooting his gun in class thinking it wasn’t loaded. He was also a reserve officer for the nearby police.
  • — Family First: A mom from Oklahoma, who married her son and then later her daughter, was sentenced to 2 years in prison
  • — OkStupid: Ashley shares her online dating debacles, including teaching computer code on a first date
  • — Poker? He Hardly Knew Her!: Keith describes Poker Night, his latest fling, washing yourself off after sex, and growers vs. show-ers. It turns out that EVERY SINGLE penis-haver in the KATG audience claims they are growers.
  • — Free To Explore: 74% of the KATG audience is interested in going to a sex club


Ashley GavinAshley Gavin

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