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2856: Hysteria w/ Julie Seabaugh

27% of KATG’s audience has an eating disorder; freelance journalists; Dane Cook remembered; panic attacks and anxiety; Mitzi Shore’s legacy; Mitch Hedberg’s wife heckles Dave Chappelle; Keith’s mom’s surgery and Dad’s words of wisdom; dEadERest update; What Do We Do Now? polls; La Brea tar pits; Too Soon, the 9/11 comedy documentary May 6, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Reading For Fun: We have comedy journalist and friend of the show Julie Seabaugh in our L.A. apartment studio
  • — When Clowns Cry: The gang reads some listener feedback from the episode with Black-ish’s Jeff Meacham and learns from the poll results that 27% of the listers struggle with an eating disorder
  • — Freedom Of The Press: Julie discusses her career as a freelance comedy journalist and her views on major publications
  • — Yellow Journalist: Like KATG, Julie got into an altercation with comedian Dane Cook. The gang compares notes on their experiences.
  • — Sicko: Julie struggles with panic attacks and anxiety in general. She discusses how comedy helps her to stay grounded and how she manages her stressful career.
  • — Inside Scoop: Julie gives her industry insight on the life and career of Mitzi Shore, and the gang discusses people of influence in the comedy industry
  • — Drop-Ins: During a recent late night show at The Comedy Store, Dave Chappelle dropped in to do a set and was heckled by Lynn Shawcroft, the wife of deceased comedian Mitch Hedberg
  • — Opt-In: Keith gives an update on his mother’s surgery and reads some emails from his father with new pearls of Malley wisdom
  • — In The Bit Together: Keith gives an update on his interactions with listener dEAdERest
  • — Divided: 50% of the listeners admit that they have a friend who is clearly racist, 28% (who have a significant other) are insecure about a co-worker of their partner’s, 40% have declared that they are quitting dating, 50% have ghosted somebody, 100% of listeners have never left a date because the person didn’t match their pictures, and 2 listeners admitted that they care more about the price of a gift than the thought
  • — Hot Spot: We think Julie recommended the depressing La Brea tar pits as an L.A. destination
  • — Too Soon: Julie is working on a documentary about how the comedy world changed after 9/11

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