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Julie Seabaugh

Comedy journalist and critic, writer of KATG's Village Voice cover article and creator of Too Soon: Comedy After 9/11
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KATG 3636: Equipment People w/ Julie Seabaugh and Newsy

Have you ever been a guest on a podcast or plan to be? Hell, are you a HOST or plan to be? This is a wake-up call! Deadass! The gang also discusses Chris Rock finally giving Will Smith the business and Keith’s driving test results. March 1, 2023

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Show Notes

  • — KATG and guests’ technical prowess
  • — Remembering Brody Stevens
  • — A year later Chris Rock is giving Will Smith the business
  • — The Magic of Thinking Big
  • —’s new words for 2023
  • — Keith’s driving test results


Brody Stevens
Brody Stevens
now the whole team here
now the whole team here

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