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2865: Velvet Rage w/ Frank Liotti

Audience members; weight gain; LGBTQ infighting; the lottery and remaining anonymous; Does Trump know his wife’s name?; Catfish’s Nev Schulman investigated for sexual abuse; woman kills friend drunk driving, smiles in mugshot; busted for $2 million extortion plot; Chemda and Frank’s jail experiences May 21, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Hot Shot: We have Frank Liotti, who just recorded a comedy album, in studio
  • — Audience Cancer: Frank recounts his album recording experience including dealing with an audience member whose reactions ruined an entire show
  • — Medicated: Frank suffers from depression and has treated it very successfully with Wellbutrin and Lexapro
  • — Ballooning: The last time Frank was on KATG, he had lost 30 pounds. It’s a year later, and he’s gained 40. He discusses how the weight gain has affected his sex drive.
  • — The Letters Are Fighting: Frank explains the rifts between the younger and older generations in the LGBTQ community. He expresses his frustration with the onslaught of new pronouns and types of sexualities.
  • — Mr.Hide: The New York Post published a very sloppily pixelated picture of a Bronx man who won huge in the lottery. The man is fighting gaming officials to remain anonymous.
  • — Presidential: President Trump tweeted about his wife recovering from surgery and misspelt her name in the tweet
  • — In Creep News: Ayissha Morgan, who appeared on the MTV show Catfish, has accused the host of the show, Nev Schulman, of sexual abuse
  • — Say Cheese: Florida woman Angenette Welk is beaming with a smile on her face in her mugshot which was taken after she crashed her car while drunk and killed her passenger
  • — Mean Mugging: The owners of the website, which publishes arrest photos, has been busted with extortion charges. They have been found guilty of bribing people to get the mug shots removed for over $2,000,000
  • — Prison Buddies: Chemda and Frank recount and compare their experiences in the clink


Frank LiottiFrank Liotti

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