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2870: Mentally Problem People w/ Myq Kaplan and Jessica Watkins

Mushrooms, a sensory deprivation tank, and the Dead Sea; Miss USA and Sophie’s Choice; Pope Francis’s big gay trick; Solo: A Star Wars Story reviewed; privacy policies; Amazon Echo records and sends out your private conversations; Roseanne TV show cancelled over Roseanne’s racist tweet; Starbucks’ racial sensitivity training; fake African-American Rachel Dolezal charged with welfare fraud; right-wing Tomi Lauren attacked with water; Jessica’s friend of color’s bodyguard and police abuse May 29, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Fan Favorites: We have Myq Kaplan and Jessica Watkins in studio
  • — Trippin’ Balls: Myq recounts his experience taking mushrooms and going into a sensory deprivation tank. Keith and Chemda compare it to their experience going to the Dead Sea.
  • — The Sophie’s Choice Awards: During the Miss USA Pageant, commentator and former Queer Eye star Carson Kressley used the term Sophie's Choice as a metaphor for how difficult it was to choose between competitors
  • — Gay’s OK: Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest, was told by Pope Francis that his sexuality doesn’t matter. Keith doesn’t like this pope’s tricks.
  • — Bill To Jesus: Jessica’s sister attended a mega church, and, when she stopped going, they sent her a bill for the tithes that were past due
  • — Poker With My Time: Keith reviews Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • — Unsubscribe: The gang discusses the recent changes in company privacy policies in the wake of the legal troubles Facebook got into
  • — Private Talk: Amazon’s Echo personal assistant device recorded a Portland family’s private conversation and then sent the recording to an employee in Seattle. Keith demonstrates how Siri reacts shockingly different depending on his level of cruelty.
  • — Cancelled: The hit Roseanne reboot was cancelled by ABC because of a racist tweet that Roseanne Barr made about ex-Obama aide Valerie Jarrett
  • — #RaceTogether: Starbucks executive chairman Howard Schultz released an open letter in response to the racial controversy surrounding Starbucks explaining their racial sensitivity training
  • — Public About Your Blackness: Rachel Dolezal, known for posing as a black woman while an NAACP official, was charged with welfare fraud
  • — Assault and Watery: Conservative public figure Tomi Lahren had water thrown at her at restaurant in Minneapolis
  • — COPS: Jessica recounts when she was with a friend and person of color who was wrongly assaulted by bodyguards and arrested by police officers

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