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2872: Fuck the Troops w/ Matt Bachus

Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame; Tinder between friends; exes that won't let go; Think and Grow Rich's antiquated text; the Malian Spider-Man; Roseanne Barr's Ambien defense; the NFL's national anthem/kneeling policy; Harvey Weinstein's arrest and his lawyer's defense; Morgan Freeman's sexual allegations June 1, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Welcome Bach: We have the delightful Matt Bachus in studio
  • — Hall Of Famers: Keith and Chemda are being inducted into the Podcast Hall of Fame. The gang discusses their plans for the live induction ceremony.
  • — Swipe Right: Matt and Andrea Allan matched on Tinder but never hooked up
  • — She Broke Up With Me!: Matt went through tough breakup within the last year. He recounts the breakup and the back and forth that kept him from moving on.
  • — Think And Grow Rich: Multiple people recommended that Chemda read the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Chemda was shocked by how antiquated it is, and how this fact is never mentioned by those who recommend it.
  • — Jacko: A Malian immigrant Mamoudou Gassama scaled a building along the balconies to save a child who was hanging over one of the railings. Did he succeed?
  • — Sleeptweeting: While apologetic, Roseanne Barr has come out publicly in defense of the racist tweet that got her hit show cancelled, claiming that she was on the sleeping pill Ambien and wasn’t acting in her right mind
  • — The Goals Of Justice: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released a statement saying that it is the official policy of the NFL to bar players from taking a knee in protest during the national anthem
  • — I Didn’t Invent Rape: Harvey Weinstein has been charged with rape, arrested, and released on $1,000,000 cash bail. His lawyer is letting everyone know that, Weinstein did not invent the casting couch.
  • — Freedom Ain't Free: NYC Councilman Rory Lanceman plans to introduce a bill that forces the Correction Department to notify inmates when their bail has been set at $1
  • — Misplaced Compliments: Multiple women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against Morgan Freeman, who is denying the most heinous of accusations


Matt BachusMatt Bachus

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