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2874: Get off My Planet

Keith and Chemda’s wedding officiating; Michael Rotondo’s moving update; Benedict Cumberbatch’s superhero story; Johnny Depp’s gaunt look; Rosanne Barr vs. Samantha Bee; Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian; Kanye West’s ye reviewed; convicted rapist and self-proclaimed pedophile runs for Congress; the good of Starbucks’s sensitivity training; even more Harvey Weinstein and Mario Batali accusers June 3, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Ruff: A letter is received from yet another pup, and Keith and Chemda compare the success of the couples whose weddings they have officiated
  • — Evicted: Michael Rotondo, 30-year-old loser, has finally left his parents' home after losing his court battle with them. On his way out, he called the police on his father.
  • — It Was Crazy: An article came out claiming that actor Benedict Cumberbatch jumped out of his Uber to help a cyclist who was being attacked by a group of 4 muggers in London
  • — Yikes: Recent pictures of Johnny Depp have surfaced, and he looks dangerously gaunt and sickly
  • — You Know The Difference: On her show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Samantha called Ivanka Trump a “feckless cunt” over her vapid tweets. People are drawing comparisons between Roseanne Barr’s racist tweets to Samantha’s use of the C-word. People are dumb.
  • — Celebrity In Chief: Kim Kardashian had an Oval Office sit-down with President Trump to discuss nonviolent drug offences in our prison system
  • — ye: The gang reviews Kanye West’s new album ye and Kanye’s take on mental illness, feminism and killing his wife
  • — Why Not?: Nathan Larson, a convicted rapist and self-proclaimed pedophile, is running for Congress
  • — Picture Everybody White: Like Keith, 59% of KATG listeners believed that Starbucks’s sensitivity training was stupid rather than helpful, but Keith explains why he’s come around to it being a good thing even though it’s a big trick
  • — Creep Update: Even more women have come out with sexual assault claims against Harvey Weinstein while there are now at least 14 women who have come out with claims against Mario Batali

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