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2889: My Bloody Valentine w/ Sean Patton

Corporal Keith Malley; Keith's bloody sex life; Sean's adult bed-wetting; Chemda T-boned by a van; man behind 1-800-LAWYERS died; Cynthia Nixon's transgender son; Pride and LGBTQIA+; fake fighting and real revelations; Koko the Sign Language Guerilla died June 25, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Corporal Malley: Sean Patton is in studio and is amazed to learn about Keith’s life in the Army
  • — The Fertility Granter: Keith gives some bloody details on his sex life
  • — Side Sleeper: Sean was a bed-wetter when he was growing up, and, unfortunately for his girlfriend, he wets the bed now when he drinks whisky
  • — Unbreakable: Chemda was T-boned by a van when she was on her bike, yet she remained 100% unharmed
  • — Snake Oil: Attorney Bruce Davis, the founder of the business 1-800-Lawyers, has died at age 70
  • — Dahling: Cynthia Nixon has announced that her firstborn child has come out as transgender. Formerly known as Samantha (of all names), Nixon’s child now identifies as Samuel or Seph
  • — Inclusion: The gang discusses Pride and the meanings behind the abbreviation LGBTQIA+
  • — Gay Bash: Sean recounts how he and his friend fake fighting in the streets of New Orleans (on cocaine) lead to an actual brawl that ended with his friend making a life-changing announcement
  • — End On A Sad Note: Koko, the gorilla who mastered sign language, has died at age 46 in her sleep


Sean PattonSean Patton

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