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2897: Won't You Be My Neighbor? w/ Lucie Pohl

Apohlcalypse Now!, Magi with Michael Madsen and Stephen Baldwin; entertaining out-of-towners; Overwatch's Mercy; Three Identical Strangers reviewed; Keith's hateful encounter during the Mr. Rogers documentary; customer service gaslighting; Keith vs. The Locksmith July 8, 2018

Show Notes

  • — A One Woman Show: We have Lucie Pohl in studio recounting the tumultuous relationship that she based her show Apohlcalypse Now! on
  • — Magi: Lucie starred alongside Michael Madsen and Stephen Baldwin in the horror movie Magi, and she shares the behind-the-scenes details
  • — Anti-Establishment: Lucie discusses her long-distance relationship of 4 years and what it's like having visitors over as a big city native
  • — Heroes Never Die: Lucie discusses meeting fans that recognize her as the character Mercy from the extremely popular video game Overwatch
  • — It’s Like The Joker: In the documentary Three Identical Strangers, there is a person interviewed who is clearly an evil antagonist. The gang discusses why these evil people decide to go on camera while not realizing how bad they'll come off.
  • — Make Believe: During a movie date, Keith encountered a couple that refused to move down one seat so that he could sit with his date during the Mr. Rogers documentary
  • — Tricksters: The gang discusses getting gaslit by customer service reps and refusing to back down
  • — I’ll Die Here: Keith had a showdown with a locksmith who tried to extort him


Lucie PohlLucie Pohl

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