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2908: Who Is America? w/ Mike Cannon

Hallucinogenics; President Trump vs. President Rouhani; Sacha Baron Cohen’s shocking TV show July 23, 2018

Show Notes

  • — A Million Milligrams: We have Mike Cannon in studio recounting his recent travels to L.A., where he ate a large chunk of a 1,000-gram edible and accidentally got on the highway on a scooter
  • — First Tripping, Then This!: Mike and Chemda discuss their various experiences pushing the boundaries with hallucinogenic drugs and how their partners and friends react to them
  • — Getting Mike With Stoned: Like Keith and Chemda, Mike was a guest on Doug Benson's Getting Doug with High
  • — Full Kanye: Donald Trump sent out a threatening tweet in all caps to Hassan Rouhani, the President of Iran
  • — No Hesitations: The gang listens to clips of Republican politicians disgracing themselves on Sacha Baron Cohen’s new TV show Who Is America?


Mike CannonMike Cannon

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