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2912: How to End a Relationship w/ Carrie Gravenson

Edibles; celibacy; dating, breaking up, and refusing to be broken up with; protecting yourself; FMK: The Game Show July 31, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Unicorn Licking Buttholes: We have Carrie Gravenson in studio recounting her first experience tripping on edibles
  • — Man Fast: Carrie did a short stint of not hooking up with men, and the gang discusses Chemda’s celibacy
  • — Shoes Back On: Carrie vents to Keith about the various horrible dudes she's been dating, and she gives an update on her love life and how she handles breakups
  • — Fatal Attraction: Andrea Allan jumps on mic to join in the discussion about Keith’s recent incident where a woman he broke up with followed him home and tried to force her way into his house
  • — Dear, Chemda: The gang goes over listener Sarah’s celibacy success story
  • — Rough Around The Edges: The gang discusses their early romantic rejections, and Keith and Chemda shock Carrie by telling her she comes off as guarded and tough
  • — Fuck, Marry, Kill: We get a preview of Carrie's new Flavor of the Month VIP show, FMK: The Game Show

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