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2918: Unguided Nations w/ Richie Tolway

Traveling the world to find yourself; selling all your belongings; your past August 8, 2018

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Show Notes

  • — Crumpled Piece Of Shit: We have Richie Tolway in studio, recounting his massive effort to save $27,000 by doing solo moving jobs. He discusses his plans to travel the world and take your living suggestions.
  • — Like A Monk: The gang discusses Richie‚Äôs mental health and if him selling all of his possessions is a red flag
  • — Trust Issues: Richie reflects on his disastrous past relationships


Richie TolwayRichie Tolway


Richie Tolway
Richie Tolway
Be sure to follow Richie on his journey!
Be sure to follow Richie on his journey!
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