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2928: Saturday Afternoons w/ Ashley Gavin

Sobriety and trauma; identifying as gay; Keith visits the family; dating criteria August 26, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Too Much Information?: We have Ashley Gavin in studio explaining why she doesn’t drink because of her late sober father
  • — Nice Brain, Everybody: The gang discusses the toll that a traumatic childhood takes on your mental health
  • — Gay As A Punchline: Ashley started hooking up with other girls at a young age. She discusses growing up identifying as gay.
  • — Separate Bedrooms: Keith discusses his upcoming trip home, and the gang covers the backwoods education of conservative colleges
  • — CC Somebody: The gang discusses infighting in the LGBTIA+ community and how people prefer to fight online with one another instead of being politically proactive
  • — No Time Like The Present?: Ashley finds it very difficult to date with her schedule, and she shares her simple dating criteria


Ashley GavinAshley Gavin

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