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2978: How’d He Die? w/ Melody Kamali and Bianca Brady

Virtue signalling; sobriety; Marvel's Stan Lee died; comic book conventions with Erik Estrada, Lori Petty, and The Beastmaster's Marc Singer; Chemda and Isaac Hayes; Keith discovers The West Wing; doctors vs. the NRA November 13, 2018

Show Notes

  • — Sticker Renting: We have Melody Kamali in studio discussing the recent elections and virtue signaling
  • — Rock Bottom: Melody and her girlfriend, comic Ali Clayton, have gotten sober together. The gang discusses AA meetings, sobriety apps, and mental health struggles.
  • — Excelsior: Comic book writer and Marvel president Stan Lee died at age 95
  • — The Shaft: Keith and Chemda recount their experiences at comic book conventions, including their run-ins with Erik Estrada, Lori Petty, and The Beastmaster's Marc Singer. The gang discusses Chemda's chance to have breakfast with Isaac Hayes.
  • — Bonding: Bianca Brady jumps on mic to discuss Keith’s new favorite show The West Wing
  • — Huh?: The gang discusses Mississippi Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith saying, If he invited me to a public hanging, I'd be on the front row. Keith reads listener Gapeach’s commentary regarding the good of segregated proms.
  • — #ThisIsOurLane: A social media war has erupted between doctors and the NRA

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